Simply Real Fitness

Simply Real Fitness Richterswil

As a nutrition and exercise coach, my goal is to teach people how to return to the basics of Real Food and Real Exercise so that they can get back on the path to Real Fitness and stay there on their own.  The following principles guide my coaching:

Real Fitness = Real Food + Real Exercise.  Everyone can achieve Real Fitness by eating Real Food and doing Real Exercise.  Our bodies were designed for them and know what to do with them!

Just Eat Real Food.  A diet rich in nutrient-dense, natural food provides us with the energy we need for daily activities and exercise.  Real Foods like meat/fish/poultry, plenty of vegetables, healthy fats, and some fruits not only support our health, but they also naturally taste delicious.

Just Do Real Exercise.  Our bodies were made to move, with all of the parts working together to accomplish a functional goal.  Real Exercise, such as bodyweight training and HIIT workouts, helps keep our bodies fit to meet the demands of daily life and play.

Do It Simply.  Don’t make it complicated.  Eating and moving are built into us and are basic to our survival.  Fitness can be simple, and integrating it into our daily lives simply keeps it sustainable.